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Understanding the Three Types of Electric Gates

23 February 2023

High-security situations frequently call for the installation of electric gates. They are typically constructed to secure large properties. Electric gates have successfully demonstrated their use and convenience to specific market segments, even if they are not as widely used as automated or custom-built gates. Large corporations and million-dollar estates particularly favour them for their security. You can activate them by pressing a button on a remote control, via a keypad, or using fingerprint scanners.

There are three types of electric gates that are particularly differentiated in how they operate and move. Let’s go ahead and understand each.

The Swing Type

A powerful motor is used to open and close swing-type gates. Depending on the required action, the motor releases enough energy to swing the gate back and forth when a command, switch, or button is pressed. The swing type is the most common and convenient form of the electric gate. They are often made out of wrought iron, which makes them heavy. The driveway upon which the gate opens must be fairly long for those thinking about using this form of gate.

The Folding Type

The electric folding-type gate is smaller than the swinging gate. It is constructed from numerous solid metal sheets that are hinged together. The gate extends or contracts after it is opened. When the gate is closed, all the metal sheets are stretched end to end to create a protective wall powered by electricity. On the other hand, the sheets are mechanically folded on one side of the entranceway while the gate is open. Due to their folding design, these gates take up less room than swing-type gates. Depending on the preference of the builder, galvanised steel or aluminium is typically used to make folding-type gates.

The Sliding Type

A system of pulleys and chains is used to open and close sliding-type gates. A solid platform with small wheels supports the gate itself. The wheels move back and forth through an indentation in the ground made of metal. Remote controls make it simple to operate sliding types, which are likewise operated by electric motors. Typically, they can be found in industrial parks close to busy streets. They work effectively in locations with limited driveways. Aluminium or wood can be used to create the sliding type of gate.

Benefits of Using an Electric Gate

Electric gates are very practical and effective in providing convenience, security, and protection. Some of the latest types of these gates have motion sensors built into them, reducing the amount of manual operation required compared to the older models. You can customise them to match almost any driveway, and they are difficult to open or break if you do not know the passcode or the right remote-control sequence. Overall, this type of gate should prevent unwelcome visitors from entering a major estate and provide some protection for individuals already on the estate or premises.

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