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Advantages To Having An Electric Gate

Your gate/driveway is the first thing someone sees when they look at our house, so it’s imperative that whatever type of fence or gate you have, must look strong and also appealing.

Traditional manual gates were good for a time, but as new technology has emerged and peoples tastes have evolved, it’s no longer the number one choice and for a few good reasons. So if you’re one of the people that like to stay ahead of the curve and want to have the best looking and most impressive gate on your street than an electric gate is for you.

Some of the advantages an electric gate has over traditional gates:

1. Safety and security

While standard gates were safe 10 years ago that is no longer the case with criminals getting bolder and having no problem cutting the chain or scaling the easily climbable gate, standard gates are no longer the safest option to keep you and your family safe from danger.

This is where an electric gate shows it’s superiority with its great stature it becomes almost unclimbable for your average burglar, and with its electric gate opener being something that you control, no one is getting onto your property without your permission.

2. The look

You always see electric gates in movies and TV shows, but they’re always used at a movie stars house leading to the delusion that they’re only for the rich and famous, so imagine your neighbours, friends, partners or in-laws seeing your amazing electric gates. Everyone will think you’re a famous person with an exciting life, so the gate now becomes more than just a way to protect you.

3. Cost

While an electric gate may look like something pricey that only rich and wealthy people would have, you’d be surprised to learn just how affordable electric gates are, so you won’t break the bank when having an electric gate installed.

4. It’s just convenient

Getting out of your car to go and unlock your standard gate then getting back into your vehicle and driving in, then getting out of your car and locking the gate once you’re inside. I’m getting tired just from imagining that so why would you want to go through that after being at work all day? Having an electric gate means you can open and close it using your electric gate opener, thus eliminating the tedious act of opening and closing it manually.

If any of this has made you start thinking about electric gates, then keep that imagination rolling and head on over to Tole Products website and look at our range of electric gate openers, and while you’re there have a look at our range of garage doors which are also nice looking, safe and affordable.

See below some of the models we work with:

Sliding Gates

We offer high quality sliding gate models:


Low-voltage gearmotor for sliding gates with max. weight of 400 kg.

  • 400kg


Low-voltage gearmotor for sliding gates with max. weight of 800 kg

  • 800kg


Low-voltage gearmotor for sliding gates with max. weight of 1600 kg

  • 1600kg


Low-voltage gearmotor for sliding gates with max. weight of 1800 kg

  • 1800kg

Swing Gates

We offer a variety of swing gates, the most common models being:


Low-voltage electro-mechanical operator for swing-leaf gates with single-leaf max. length of 2 m (3 m with electric lock). Built-in mechanical stops.

  • 2m – 3m


Electro-mechanical operator for swing-leaf gates with single-leaf max. length of 3 m (415) and 4 m (415 L). Available with or without Limit Switches.

  • 3m – 4m

Boom Gates

Tole Products offers various FAAC boom gates, call or email us now for a quote.

No project is too small for us. We extend our solutions beyond standard market.

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