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What Makes Electric Gate Openers Highly Secure?

27 September 2022

Adding automatic driveway gates to your property might increase security. If you get them set up at your home, they’ll ensure that neither your pets nor your kids risk leaving the property. Furthermore, a correctly built automatic gate may stop unlawful intrusions and help secure your possessions on both commercial and residential sites. Nevertheless, your gate’s protection may be jeopardised if you don’t take security measures. The security of automatic gates is essential to understand, and there are a few things you can do to increase their resistance to manipulation.

Your home can be safer thanks to automatic gates because they offer the following:

Provides Access Control

By installing an automatic gate, you can manage when and who gets access to your property. This can be helpful if you need to allow delivery persons, caregivers, or maintenance professionals while you’re away from your house or place of business. It should be noted that anti-tailgating mechanisms, which quickly seal the gate to prevent anyone from driving in behind you, will aid in preventing unwanted intrusions.

Seamless Integration

Your property’s security or communication system might be integrated with your automatic gate. As a result, it is far more secure than an isolated, independent system. The first line of defence against a potential invasion is your driveway gate. Because of this, it’s crucial that an alarm system detects any tampering or breaching attempts and that you can identify anyone who enters and exits.

Protect Your Automatic Gates from Brute Force

Using force to open a driveway gate is one kind of compromise. Therefore it’s crucial to pick one that is well-built. The gate’s automatic opener will keep anybody from opening it manually, but if enough force is applied, the hinges or lock can break. This might be accomplished by leveraging a weak point or bashing the gate directly.

The easiest way to stop this is to place a second lock on the gate, even though some motors employ self-locking mechanisms, which can be successful against these kinds of attacks. This manoeuvre will probably be too tough and time-consuming with an electric lock, or better yet, a magnetic lock. Even if the lock remains secure, the gate’s hinges might not. This is a bigger issue with outdated gates that haven’t undergone maintenance or inspection. A sliding gate might be a preferable option if a brute-force attack is possible.

What Happens if There is a Power Outage?

By simply cutting the power or creating an electrical shortage, it is possible to bypass an automatic gate covertly. Therefore it’s crucial to have a working battery backup or surge protection system. In any other case, a power loss can give a burglar a chance to break into your house.

Hacking Features

Most remote controls for automated gate openers send a series of codes to the receiver. Although these codes aren’t audible or visual, sophisticated technology may record and duplicate them. Most modern gate openers, though, have anti-hacking features.

If the gate’s technology is integrated with your network, such as Wi-Fi, automatic gates are also susceptible to hacking. Someone who can access the network could be able to unlock your driveway gate. Your network needs to be secured if you want to avoid this from happening.

In conclusion, an updated and well-maintained automatic gate is very secure if you follow a few crucial instructions. Owners of residential and commercial properties in Australia can take advantage of our extensive automatic gate services at TOLE Products. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a new automatic gate or simply want to ensure that your present one is secure.

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