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Things to Consider When Opting for Timber Garage Doors

29 March 2022

Timber garage doors add natural beauty and allure to the exterior of your home. The stunning hues and grains of natural wood complement and enhance the stone, brick, wood or metal siding of your home’s outer construction. These doors are also relatively easy to clean, maintain and service as needed. Yet there are certain characteristics and qualities of these attractive doors that you should be aware of before you install them for your home.

Points to Consider When Choosing Timber Garage Doors for Your Home

When opting for timber garage doors for installation for your home, you should consider various aspects of choosing these doors, including the following:

Reasons to Opt for Timber Garage Doors

Good reasons to opt for the installation of timber garage doors for your home are:

1. Added Beauty and Curb Appeal. Installing stunning timber garage doors to your home will enhance your property’s exterior with added beauty and increased curb appeal. Even casual passersby will most likely drive slowly to enjoy the attractive appearance of these doors.

2. Wide Variety of Wood Types. There is an abundance of highly attractive and practical wood types from which to select your desirable new garage doors. You can easily compare different wood species and hues to determine the best choice for enhancing your home’s appearance.

3. Good Garage Insulation. Solid timber garage doors provide excellent insulation for the interior spaces of your garage. The entire area will stay warmer during the coldest months and cooler during the high temperatures of the hot season.

Reasons to Refrain from Selecting Wooden Garage Doors

Important reasons for not selecting wooden garage doors for your home are as follows:

1. Wood Lacks Durability of Other Materials. Wooden garage doors are less durable than doors constructed of vinyl, metal or composite material. Although beautiful, the timber can warp, scratch and crack during periods of harsh weather and extreme temperatures.

2. Timber Doors Are Heavy. Garage doors made of natural timber are heavier than those made of vinyl, metal and composite material. This weight can wear down the hardware that supports the door operation and the door openers. This can result in costly door and hardware repairs or replacements.

3. Wood Doors Can Be Expensive. Depending on the species and thickness of wooden garage doors, they can be quite expensive. Although you can decide to select a lower-cost type of wood, the high cost may prevent you from choosing your favourite timber for stunning new garage doors.

By contacting our experts at Tole Products located in Wollongong, NSW, you can gain valuable advice and information concerning installing timber garage doors for your home. Our experienced team of professionals will work closely with you to determine the ideal type of doors for your fashionable and functional home use.

Our excellent team will guide you in understanding the best type of doors to enhance your home while saving on maintenance expenses. Our team will ensure that your new garage doors completely satisfy and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs.

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