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The House of 2019

06 July 2019

Over the past few centuries, new innovations and inventions have helped people’s homes through identifying problems and coming up with appropriate solutions, such as the deadbolt being the standard for door locks.

It’s not just security improvements that have been made, but aesthetically pleasing innovations have become more mainstream such as decorative retaining walls and gardens, and now more than ever regular people are starting to embrace having a more unique house rather than a cookie cutter model home.

Here are just some of the new things you can do in 2019 to make your house both better protected and more unique.

Window shutters

Windows are a preferred entry point of thieves and criminals since all it takes is one to be left unlocked and they can enter your house almost undetected, but with window shutters, you don’t have to worry about locking your windows at night since they’re protected from the outside.

They aren’t just for protection either since your window shutters can also block out sound and light which is perfect for families with new babies or for those who do night work, plus they can help save you money on heating and cooling since they help keep your home a regular temperature.

Custom garage doors

Your garage door is such a crucial part of your house since it not only acts as a second front door but is also one of the first things someone will see when they look at your home, and some people want their garage door not only to match their home but also help them stand out.

Instead of having a regular dull looking garage door you can now have one that looks like it was taken straight out of a movie since you can have it different colours, different materials and even have it look like timber if you really want to stand out. Learn more about Garage Doors.

Modern garage doors are button activated, so getting into your house is easier than ever and more convenient as well.

Electric gates

Imagine you have just finished shopping and have a car full of bags that you still must carry in and all of a sudden it starts raining. Now you not only have to carry all those bags in but you have to also get out of your car, walk through the rain and open your gate before you can drive in.

What if you could open your front gate with the push of a button and drive right in and not have to worry about stepping out of your car until you were safely inside your property. With new electric gate openers, it is now a reality, and you can be assured that It’s not only convenient for you but safer for your family since you decided when and if it opens.

All these innovations sound amazing, and the number one place in Wollongong you can find them is at TOLE Products.

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