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Summer Season Bushfire: Install Aluminium Window Shutters from Tole Products

01 December 2022

Every summer is difficult if you are an Australian homeowner in a bushfire-prone location. Everyone starts to worry about our friends in the bush as the temperature creeps up to around 40 degrees and a scorching Northerly breeze begins to blow. Although the majority of us identify bushfires with horrifying pictures of walls of flame marching over paddocks and woodlands, flying embers are actually what harms homes the most. A single ember is all it takes to burn down a house completely.

But did you know that aluminium window shutters can be one of the greatest ember protection options? The following describes how aluminium window shutters protect your home from a bushfire.

It Protects the Vulnerable Points

Flying embers frequently enter through windows. An ember that enters through the window has the potential to ignite the carpet, window treatments, and furniture, starting a fire that will soon spread throughout the entire house. The glass may break as the fire gets closer because of the extreme heat. Once the glass is broken, your home is completely vulnerable to attack. BAL-40-rated aluminium window shutters provide additional security and stop your windows from bursting or splitting open. The highest grade, BAL-40, is required if you reside in a bushfire-prone location. House fires started by embers are what destroy homes, not bushfires. By securing the entrance, you also secure your home.

It Helps Keep the Heat Out

Radiation from heat sources is another threat to your home. If your home becomes too hot, certain components may simply catch fire if they reach the ignition point. Everything has a point of ignition, and aluminium window shutters help to insulate your home against heat and increase the likelihood that it will remain intact.

It Prevents Flame Contact

Of course, you’re in trouble if flames start to lick at your house. Because homes constructed in bushfire-prone areas are typically engineered to resist flame contact, flying embers pose the greatest threat. Additionally, flames are prevented from contacting wooden window frames and other vulnerable places by fire-resistant window shutters.

Choosing the Ideal Shutter to Prevent Fire

You must have an aluminium window shutter BAL-40 rated if you reside in a fire-prone location. Steel begins to lose its structural integrity at 600 degrees and ends up failing at 1500. There isn’t anything that can save your home if BAL-40 shutters fail because they won’t malfunction unless they are directly in the line of the flame zone. Additionally, ensure the window shutter complies with Australian Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009 and fulfils Australian Standards for fire protection. These Standards, created to avert tragedies, provide a precise indication of how well the shutter will function if used in a bushfire situation.

Worried About the Aesthetics of Your Home?

Window shutters are a remarkably stylish addition to your house. It allows you to prepare for a bushfire without worrying about how your house would appear from the outside. Modern aluminium window shutter alternatives from Tole Products won’t make your house look like a prison; they’ll improve its appearance.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and protect your home from this summer season bushfire with our quality aluminium window shutters.

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