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Most Common Causes of Malfunction in Electric/Automatic Gates

08 April 2022

You may be wondering why there are some instances that your electric/automatic gate is not functioning wellor not functioning at all. The reason why your electric/automatic gate is malfunctioning could be because of many possible factors. When encountering this problem, it is important to identify the warning signs and common reasons and how to prevent it from fully breaking. To fully understand why your electric/automatic gate is not working well, we have listed down the most common causes of malfunction in electric/automatic gates.

Pest and Insect Invasion

One of the most common causes of malfunction in electric/automatic gates is the presence of pests and insects in its mechanism. Pest and insect invasion can affect the overall functionality of your electric/automatic gate. If the built-in sensors of your electric/automatic are infested with insects and pests, it will fail to activate the trigger motion which prevents the sensor from working well and consequently causes a malfunction in your electric/automatic gates.

Power Outage

The other common cause of malfunction in electric/automatic gates is a power outage. Interruption of the power supply greatly affects the functioning of your electric/automatic gate. Malfunctioning of electric/automatic gates commonly happens during instances of power failure. A constant power supply plays a crucial role in electric/automatic gates and a sudden power outage can cause possible malfunction, especially for electric/automated gates with no manual mode.

Worn Out Mechanism

A worn-out mechanism is another electric/automated gate’scommon cause of the malfunction. Regular and proper maintenance, as well as constant inspection of your whole electric/automatic gate system, plays a vital role in maintaining the good and working condition of your overall electric/automatic gate system to ensure that the mechanisms are in their best condition and prevent malfunction to happen to your electric/automated gate.

Presence of Possible Obstructions

If your electric/automated gate malfunctions, one other common cause to look at is if something is blocking it from sliding like stones and leaves. The only thing you need to do is clear it from obstructions and clean the area.

Remote Control Batteries Need Replacement

It is highly advisable to instantly checkthe batteries whenever you experience a malfunction in your electric/automated gate because it might be the main reason why your electric/automated gate is malfunctioning. The cause of malfunction in your electric/automatic gate might only be caused by a remote-control low battery which can immediately be fixed by replacing it with new batteries. Checking for basic and simple common causes of malfunction also helps to save your time assessing bigger causes and fixing the malfunction outright.

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