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Installation Benefits of Aluminium Shutters for Bushfire Prone Areas

09 March 2022

Aluminium shutters have become extremely popular in the past few years due to their security, protection, and ease of use. The shutters provide an additional level of protection against fire, including bush fires, which is why homeowners and commercial property owners choose to install them.

Aluminium is a durable but also aesthetically pleasing material. It works as a very safe material in the production of home shutters. When these shutters are installed on the exterior side of windows. They stay in a rolled-up position and sit behind a recess until the owner wishes to lower them with an automated button. The shutters roll into place over the window closing the home to intruders, giving added security but also added protection against brush fires. The aluminium shutters can protect a home up to 80% more than homes without shutters. Because of this, exterior shutter products have become a necessity for home and business owners alike.

Here we list a few of the fire prevention benefits of the aluminium shutter. These benefits can help you determine whether this type of shutter is worth installing in your home or business.

Offers Additional Protection from Fire

Aluminium shutters offer an extra line of defence against bush fire hazards. When windows are exposed to extreme heat, they often explode, and glass falls everywhere. The increased oxygen gives the fire more fuel. Shutters, especially those made to resist heat and bush fires, can prevent window breakage and minimize oxygen that enters into the home and protect it against growing flames. In addition, these window shutters come with baked enamel and polyurethane foam insulation that makes them fire-resistant. These shutters offer more fire protection.

Shutters Reduce Damage Caused by Indoor Fires

Bushfire shutters can also help minimize indoor fires and contain dangerous fumes. The shutters can contain the fire and the fumes and reduce the damage to surrounding homes. Shutters offer a 90% reduction in heat convection.

Stop the Burning of Interiors

Bushfire shutters also minimize the damage to internal objects that are combustible. They stop the entrance of oxygen and keep the heat from growing. They keep sparks in or out, which can help you protect other valuables.

The biggest advantage to aluminium shutters is that they can increase the fire retardant protection of your home. Aluminium is a durable material that can protect against natural disasters like fire and high winds. Close the shutters, and you add more protection to the home. Inclement weather won’t affect your home as easily as it would if your home were unprotected. By installing shutters on doors and windows, you can make your home more fire retardant.

Note: Shutters come in various styles and colours and can vary in price depending on the size and amount of insulation the interior panels contain.


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