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Garage Door Trends of 2019 (So Far)

01 October 2019

Everyone likes to have something unique to help make us stand out from the rest, but we also want to fall behind fads and trends to make us feel a sense of belonging.

Garage doors are safer and more secure than ever before, so the only real thing that separates them from each other is the look of it. This year there have been some fantastic designs that have come out, and people are loving them because they’re so different from anything they have seen on a garage door before.

Here at TOLE Products, we thought it was time to create a list showing all our clients the best garage door trends that have come out so far this year.

  1. Timber Doors

Do you want your garage door to have a more natural feel to it? Well, this trend might be for you as the rise of timber garage doors has become one of the most popular choices of garage doors this year. For those who’re worried about chipping or rotting, have no fear as you can get wood coloured Colourbond Steel garage doors as well.

  1. Automatic Doors

Although they have been around for years, some people were still using manual garage doors, but this year more and more people have opted to install automatic garage doors. It makes getting into your garage so much more convenient.

  1. Pairing Them With an Electric Gate

If you like having an automatic garage door, how about pairing it with an electric gate? This trend is something we recommend for those who’re safety conscious and want a way to keep unwanted guests out.

  1. Black is Back

Black is a classic and this year it has made a triumphant comeback as more people are choosing a darker colour for their garage door, rather than bright shades that have dominated the market for the past few years and it’s a welcome change.

  1. Better Insulation

People are choosing to go with garage doors that help with insulation because not only does this help reduce your heating and electric bills. It also helps the environment since you won’t be using as much power to heat and cool your home.

As trends continue to drive the market, we here at TOLE Products strive to keep up with it and offer any type of garage door needs you may have, and we have an in house manufacturing line so you can be assured of the quality of your purchase.

We don’t just do garage doors and electric gates, we also provide window shutters which is perfect for the upcoming Australian summer.

We’re committed to providing you with the best possible products and service, so if you have any questions about our products or want to book a job, call us on (02) 4229 5060.

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