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Garage Door Care and Maintenance 101: Tips and Hacks to Make Your Garage Door Last Longer

17 December 2021

Your garage door is one of the most essential parts of your home as it houses both your expensive cars and an extra entrance to your home. If your garage door becomes damaged, it can make it easier for people to break into your home as we don’t usually lock the door leading from the inside of our garage that leads into our house. So, if someone manages to gain access to your garage because of damage it has sustained, they can then get into your home.

Here at TOLE Products, we have made a list to help you maintain your garage door.

Lubricate your door

Your garage door is continually opening, and closing and will eventually need to have some lubricant reapplied, especially if you’re noticing any squeaking or grinding sounds coming from the door as it’s opening or closing.

Reapply weather sealant

Like any other part of your house, the garage door is subjected to the various weather conditions that mother nature dishes out, and this can wear down the protective weather coating. Doing this is pretty straightforward and will save you a lot of hassle in the future, so don’t put it off for too long.

Clean out the runners

When there is a big storm, debris such as rocks, sticks and leaves can become lodged in the runners of your door which can cause structural damage over time, so cleaning them out a few times a year will help prevent any damage to your garage door in the future.

Fix any dents

Your garage door can become dented in many ways such as from hailstorms or even just driving a little too close to it, and these dents aren’t just unsightly but can cause significant damage to the structure of your door. Getting these dents fixed ASAP should be on the top list of priorities.

Keep an eye on it

The best way to maintain your garage door is to monitor it and fix problems as they crop up and contact the professionals if you need any major work done on it. TOLE Products are the standard-bearer in the garage door industry and have been for over 20 years, and our passion for creating the best possible products is still as strong as it was on day one.

We only use the highest quality Australian materials and even manufacture products on site so you can be assured that the product you’re getting is of the highest possible quality, and we don’t just make the best garage doors around either. We also manufacture and install electric gate openers and window shutters to make your house that much safer.

If you require a fantastic garage door or have a question about our products, then call us on (02) 4229 5060, or you could head on over to our website and browse our products and past projects for yourself. Learn more about Garage Doors.

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