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Five Most Common Tips and Hacks to Ensure and Enhance Your Privacy and Security at Home

05 November 2021

You should always feel safe inside your own home, but there are times when we are nervous and feel unsafe, especially when we’re home on our own, or after we hear about break-ins around our area. The main threat to our homes is burglars and thieves, so it’s vital to have safety measures in place should they decide to try and break into your house because calling 000 is always a good idea, but it’s better if it didn’t come to that.

When burglars are looking for a house to break into, they look for homes that look unguarded and weak such as houses with no fences or lights, so making your house look as protected as possible will make the criminals think twice about sneaking into your home. Here are a few ways to ensure and enhance your privacy and security at home

Get A Robust-Looking Garage Door

Having a solid metal or timber garage door is just like having a big fat sign telling any would-be criminals that your house is protected, and they shouldn’t even try. A garage door is one of the first things people see when they look at your home, so having an impressive and sturdy-looking garage door sends a pretty clear message.

Install Window Shutters

Window shutters don’t just help keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer, they also help protect your windows from being broken and used as an entry point. The great thing about window shutters is their versatility. They can fit onto almost any window you have, thus making your house much safer.

Have An Automatic Gate

Why not make it that much harder for criminals to even get onto your property? Having an automatic gate means that you can control who comes in and who stays out, so unless they’re willing to scale a fence, it is an excellent way to stop them in their tracks.

Install An Alarm System

This is a no brainer if you’re concerned with safety and having one installed will alert you if someone tries to break in through your front or back door, and some modern security systems also contact the nearest police station, so it has you covered there as well.

Get A Dog

One thing criminals look for when hunting for houses to break into is dogs.  Since they aren’t only intimidating, they will also bark and alert the owners if someone unknown to them gets close. They aren’t just man’s best friend, they can also be terrific guardians so consider getting one for your family.

You only need a few of these things to feel safe in your home, and if you like the idea of getting window shutters, an electric gate or a sturdy garage door then come to TOLE Products in Wollongong. We have the best products of the highest quality and at the most affordable prices, call us on (02) 4229 5060 and get a quote for your job today.

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