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Choosing the Best Garage Door Material

13 February 2020

In today’s age, with cars becoming an important feature in every household, garages are an important part of the house. Most houses have an entrance that features a garage, and thus have become a significant part of the house’s architectural aesthetic. With this in mind, we all want the exterior of your house to look beautiful and as pleasing to the eye as possible. Thus, garages today can be made with a variety of materials that complement the design of your house. Not just aesthetically, the material you choose for you garage door also has many functional aspects.

Whether you are looking for a new garage door, or simply want a renovation on your old one, at Tole Products, we can help you find you right fit. Here, we list and describe the common materials used for garage doors so you can choose the best one for the best “curb appeal”.


This is most common material for garage doors for good reason. Steel doors are sensibly priced, tough, low maintenance, and available in a variety of styles. It can also be painted is available in textures that can mimic wood or other materials. They provide strength and security and can come with insulation. In steel doors, the lower the gauge umber, the thicker it is. You may choose 25 to 26-gauge steel or go for something thicker depending on your needs.


Similar to steel, Aluminium garage doors are also low-cost and low-maintenance, and very energy efficient due to it being highly conductive material. In addition, they are also light and rust proof.  They can also come in optional wood texturing and finishes that you want to match the aesthetic of your house. This is also a popular option if you want extra wide double doors and are dent free if you choose laminated panels.


Those looking for something more traditional and with aesthetic appeal can opt for wooden garage doors. The earliest garage doors were made wood and this still remains a great option. Wooden doors can come in a variety of tiles, including with windows and panels. Most people who opt for wood are attracted to the natural, warm appeal that it can give to the exterior of your house. While they are more high maintenance than aluminium and steel, they provide great insulation, which is especially important for the hot summers that we get in the South Coast. There are great options for wooden garage doors from low cost which is painted wood with flat hardboard panels to more expensive stain grade wood.


Although Fiberglass garage doors represent a small segment of the market, it is a popular option for coastal locations such as Wollongong and much of the South Coast suburbs because it is more resistant to saltwater corrosion. These panels are usually encased in aluminium frames and offer greater resistance than steel. Fiberglass can also be painted on to complement the exterior of your house.  In addition, they can come with insulated base sections or other types of from insulation. This is a versatile and practical material to choose and is also budget- friendly.


Picking the right material allows you to satisfy your aesthetic needs as well as your practical ones. A well thought out selection can also help you manage your savings. You can view the beautiful work we have done for houses and commercial properties in Illawarra in our gallery (link to gallery).

We have all the options at Tole Products, and we would love to help you with the best fit for you in garage doors. Contact us at (02) 4229 5060 to get your free quote today.

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