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Tole Products is a Wollongong-based company that specializes in boom gates and automation. We are known for our reputable work and top-quality products and services. If your want automation service, don’t think of anyone else when Tole Products is here!

Why Tole Products for Boom Gates Shellharbour?

Boom gates are the common, simplest, yet highly practical barriers with long arms. You must have seen them in rushy areas as they are an excellent tool for managing traffic.  But do you know why the people of Shellharbour trust us when buying these safety barriers? Here’s what impresses them:

1.    We Don’t Compromise on the Quality of our Products

Our boom gates are made with the best durable material to withstand harsh weather. We ensure that our product meets quality standards and your expectations.

2.    Our Experience

Experience is paramount as it shapes you and helps you learn from your failures and pitfalls. In an industry like ours, clients consider the experience the most before taking any help. That’s why we proudly say that we have been in the industry for a decade and know every tidbit.


All those initial failures and trials and tribulations have given us a deep insight into the industry, which helps us to get loyal clients.

3.    Our Professional Attitude

Because of our sense of responsibility, work ethics, and professionalism, no one can underestimate us. We prioritize your satisfaction, and that’s what makes us stand out.

4.    Our Staff is Friendly

How you treat your customers matters a lot! A business that mistreats its clients can never stand long, and we, being in the industry for 20 years, are proof of our friendly staff. Our staff communicates with clients professionally and answers all their queries related to the job in the best possible way.

Hence, we’ve proved that it’s not just the quality of products that counts. To succeed in an industry, you must also cover other aspects.

Looking for experts on Garage Doors and Automation?


After knowing about us, you must be curious to know about our services. Right? So, let’s not waste time and dive in!

●      Variety of Garage Doors

We have elegantly designed, unique, attractive garage doors that fit perfectly at your entrance. You get many garage doors that provide safety and security and uplift your place’s overall look.

If you want traditional garage doors, sectional garage doors, or modern timber garage doors, look at none other than Tole Products.

●      Electric Gate Openers

Who says security comes with the inconvenience of opening and closing the security gates every time you leave and enter your place?

It’s the era of electric gate openers where you don’t have to do much. And the best part is that we offer this service to our clients as making your life easy is what we want.

●      Boom Gates

You can also order our boom gates for added security at your workplace or residence. They are durable, affordable, and excellent for managing heavy traffic near your place.

●      Window Shutters

You can’t find better window shutters than ours. They are made of aluminium and prevent your house from heating in summer. Moreover, they keep the warmth locked in your place during winter making your survival easy.

●      Installation of all the Products

We supply the abovementioned products and have experienced staff to install them for you.

●      Maintenance Services

All these security gates need proper maintenance to increase efficiency, so you don’t need to call anyone else. We have designed these products and know how to keep them healthy for long-lasting safety.

What Makes People Trust Us?

We proudly say that people trust us when it comes to the safety of their property because

  1. We are committed to our work.
  2. Our staff is skilled and knowledgeable.
  3. We are available 24/7 to help our customers.
  4. We complete the task on time.

Contact Us Now to Get Boom Gates Shellharbour!

Searching for a good quality boom gate is hard and strenuous, but not if you are prom Shellharbour because Tole Products is here to rescue you!

We have been in the shutters, garage doors, and automation industry for 20 years and provide high-quality products and services. So, contact us at (02) 4229 5060, place your order, and the rest is our job.