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Are you tired of dealing with unauthorized vehicles entering your property? Of course, you can’t call the police every time and have to look for a permanent solution.

Why don’t you contact Tole Products? We provide premium quality boom gates that keep you and your property safe and secure.

Why Us?

We are Australia’s leading boom gates, garage doors, and automation business. Clients always look forward once you have taken our services, which is our proud moment. We have been able to come this far because of the following reasons:

1.    Professional Behavior

Neither are we arrogant nor lazy couch potatoes. Our highly professional team knows the art of effective communication and work ethics. Hence, ensure that you get the best services.

2.    Timely Action

We respond to your calls immediately and provide you with the desired product from our collection as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait weeks or months to get a new security door.

3.    Our Doors and Gates are of Premium Quality

We manufacture garage doors, gate openers, boom gates, and other products and also have links in the manufacturing industry. It is a plus point for us as we directly control the quality of the material used in manufacturing the goods. Thus, you get superior products that are unbeatable in quality and design.

4.    20 years of Experience

Clients prefer hiring experienced people from the industry to get the job done, and we are second to none in that race. With 20 years of industry experience, we have learned and grown a lot from failures. Now, we are in a state where we can handle every issue that comes our way.

5.    Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

While designing the gates and other related accessories, we only think about a healthy user experience. To us, your satisfaction is the priority.

Due to these reasons, people prefer us over others.

Our Expertise

Looking for a business that meets all your security gates standards? Tole Products is a must-to-check company for you. Here’s a list of all the services we offer:

1.    Boom Gates

Your corporate office is in a rushy area; installing a boom gate is a must, in that case, to manage the traffic and avoid accidents around the area. So contact us if you want one, as we provide the best boom gates in Nowra.

2.    Electric Gate Openers

Are you tired of opening and closing the gate again when going out or returning home? Well! If so, get electric gate openers of different models from us and make your life easy.

3.    Garage Doors

We also have a great variety of garage doors, both in terms of color and design. Check out our collection and get a door that matches the design and color of your house.

4.    Installation and Maintenance

You don’t need to call a third party to install or maintain your accessories. We have experts on our team who can do the task professionally.

Looking for experts on Garage Doors and Automation?

Why Are We Customers' Favorite?

Our knowledge about the industry, groomed and professional staff, quick services, and sincerity towards the job have made us customers’ favorite.


A) Generally, boom gates are classified into two broad categories. The first one is a manual boom gate which is hand-operated. It’s used mostly in warehouses, factories, etc. The second type is automatic boom gates which are not hand-operated. It raises and comes down automatically once you pay the token or enter the password.

Get Your Next Batch of Boom Gates Nowra from Us!

For years, Tole Products has served people with premium quality boom gates, garage doors, security gate openers, and other related accessories. We are now experts in the field and know how to install and maintain these products once installed.

So if you plan to install boom gates, call us at (02) 4229 5060 and get the job done.