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Are you seeking a solution to control vehicle access in your work premises? Boom gate would be the right choice. But where to get one? Well! Don’t think much.

Tole Products is the right place to purchase the best quality boom gates. So don’t waste your time and contact us immediately!

Why Boom Gates Helensburg Exclusively from Tole Products?

Tole Products is a leading provider of security gate openers, boom gates, garage doors, and other accessories, making our lives much easier. Here are a few reasons why people choose us when it comes to their security:

1.    Experience

We have 20 years of experience in garage doors, security gates, and the automation industry. We’ve learned a lot from our failures and trial and error in these years. And now, we are fully settled and ready to tackle all kinds of problems. Due to these reasons, clients come to us whenever they need help.

2.    Quality Products

We manufacture boom gates ourselves and ensure the quality is not compromised. Due to this reason, they bear all kinds of stress and have a long-lasting life.

3.    Professionalism

Professionalism is what everyone wants in technicians that they are hiring. And in our case, you feel immense pride in being the pros, as our team knows how to communicate with clients professionally. We are well aware of work ethics and ensure you get the best services.

4.    Timely Delivery

Compared to other businesses, we don’t make you wait much. Once you order a boom gate from us, we deliver the gates in days rather than weeks and months.

Our Services

We provide many services related to security gates, boom gates, and other related accessories. Here’s an overview.

1.    Garage Doors

We provide a great variety in design, color, and materials used. Moreover, our garage doors are durable and perfect for all houses. Installing one enhances the appearance of your home.

2.    Security Gate Openers

At Tole Products, you get top-class security gate openers for every model of sliding and rolling doors.

3.    Boom Gates

We also provide FAAC boom gates. So now you don’t need to go here and there in search of the right boom gate. Just call us and get the boom barrier that you long for.

4.    All Kinds of Installations and Maintenance

We care about our clients a lot, so we do not leave them alone to find a technician for installation. We have experts for this task too. So now, you don’t need to take the headache of installing the gate. Call us, and we’ll send a person your way.

Why Do Helensburg Residents Trust Us?

A common question from those who haven’t had the experience of taking the services from us is, “Why do people trust us so much?” If you are new to our area and want to know why, here you go!

  1. We are committed to work.
  2. Our services are fast.
  3. We don’t waste our clients’ time by making them wait for weeks and months.
  4. Our products are of unbeatable quality.
  5. Our team is friendly and professional.
  6. Our services are guaranteed, and the business is licensed.

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What Things Do You Need to Consider Before Buying a Boom Gate?

Boom gates are a necessity these days, and before you get one, here are a few must-to-considered things for you:

1.    The Purpose of the Boom Barrier

An automatic boom gate is the best option to secure your property. But if you need it for extractive industries alongside pharmaceutical companies, manual ones are the best. So you must know the purpose you want the boom gate for.

2.    Features of the Barriers

Some gates have a battery backup so that when they are a shortage of electricity, the boom gates still operate. While others run on software, so it’s totally up to you what you want in your boom gate.

3.    Length of the Arm

The length of the boom arm is generally 3 to 6 meters. But some sites require more long arms. So go for a manufacturer who makes customized gates too.

4.    Quality and the Price

Checking the quality of the gate and its price is also important. Make sure you purchase a good quality product at a reasonable price.

Contact Us to Get Boom Gates Helensburg!

Tole Products provide premium-quality garage doors and other related product. We aim to give you the best services so you don’t have to waste money on repeated installations after a few months. So contact us right now and avail of our services.