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5 Super Hero Reasons to Automate Your Gates and Garage

24 February 2022

Are you tired of getting out of the car to lug that heavy gate open? Are you tired of pulling the garage doors shut? Yes, it is the nemesis of older homes, but you can automate those gates and doors. Is the expense worth it? The answer to that question depends on what you value. Do you love your health, privacy, and safety? Then yes, you should automate that garage door or the gates leading up to your driveway or property.

Your home is your palace, and you want to protect it just as much as Tony Starks protects his real estate in the Avenger movies. Here are 5 Avenger-styled reasons to automate that gate or garage door.


Nowadays, privacy has become a significant concern. You need to know you can go home and live your life privately, that you can share your home with friends and family but not with any local peekaboos that could scare you into becoming a complete recluse. You want to know that no one will jump out of the bushes as you are driving into the driveway. It’s the stuff of action movies, but it does happen and all too frequently.

How can you protect your privacy? How can you make your home more secure? The first thing you can do is automate the garage or gates so that you don’t need to get out of the car to open it. You push a button to open it and push again to close when you are inside.


Security has become another major issue. Thousands of homes are broken into every year, and getting an automated door is a deterrent that will keep burglars out of your home. You don’t want people to know what you keep at home or what you put in your garage, so automating the door will keep people from looking in and keep burglars out of your home.

Protect Your Health

Garage doors and gates can be heavy to move. You could slip and fall in the winter or throw your back out while trying to open and close those doors manually. When you automate a garage door or a gate, you no longer have to strain your back or your legs. Everything is handled at the push of a button.


Automating your home, especially your garage door, is convenient. You don’t have to face the weather when you open the garage door or gate. You click the remote and drive out. It is as simple as that—no more freezing to death or dying from the infernal summer heat.

Improved Return on Investment

When you automate your garage door or your gates, you add an innovative home feature to your property. So when it comes time to sell the home, you will make a higher return on investment than if your garage doors are manual.

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