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5 Causes of Electric Gate Failure and What You Need to Do

27 January 2022

Before, gates can only be operated manually. Hence, owners of properties have to open and close them by pushing, pulling, or sliding them towards specific directions. However, as time passes, gate manufacturers have utilised electricity in automating the gates.

With electric gates, property owners can easily establish improved perimeter control. They can likewise attain enhanced security and privacy thanks to their ability to be only accessed through codes and other modern security protocols. Electric gates can likewise improve the curb appeal and value of properties as they boast contemporary looks. Ultimately, they can provide greater convenience to property owners and occupants as they can easily be opened and closed with just a button.

If you currently maximise an electric gate, then you can certainly enjoy the previously stated benefits. However, it may still manifest some problems along the way that lead to its failure. Here are some of the primary causes of electric gate failure and a few ways to resolve them.

  1. Power Outage

One of the most prominent causes of electric gate failure is a power outage. Since your electric gate relies heavily on power supply, it is expected to not operate optimally once the said supply is cut off. One potential reason behind the power outage is blown fuses. Usually, putting the switch back in position can make the electric gate operational again. Otherwise, you may want to have it checked.

  1. Pest Incursion

Another potential cause of electric gate failure is the incursion of pests. Vermin and insects can cause huge problems to your electric gate once they block the sensors of its motion detectors. They can likewise cause failure if they will be infiltrating the pathway of the gate. To resolve this issue, you must clean all parts and spaces of your electric gate regularly.

  1. Faulty Control

Your electric gate can be usually operated through remote control. And for it to be effective, it should always allow your electric gate to be opened and closed seamlessly. If the remote control starts to fail in providing commands to your gate, then you might want to replace its batteries. Alternatively, a new remote control must be purchased if the old one still does not work despite replacing its batteries.

  1. Debris Build-up

Debris, dirt, mould, and other similar elements can also force your electric gate to fail significantly, especially if they have already obstructed the gate tracks. Any build-up of these elements on the tracks or pathway of your electric gate can cause it to become stuck. Worse, they may end up damaging the components of the electric gate. Removing all these things regularly can easily prevent gate failure.

  1. Loud Noises

One more potential cause of electric gate failure is faulty gate mechanisms. Faulty gate mechanisms would typically generate loud noises whenever the gate is being opened or closed. Once you have pinpointed this specific issue, you must check the mechanical or moving components of your gate. Upon your assessment, you must decide whether to reassemble or replace them.

To know more about these primary causes of electric gate failure, you can call us at Tole Products.

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